Groups and individuals

We specialize in transportation of luggage for groups and individuals doing Norway in a nutshell. Instead of you struggling with your suitcase along some of the world's most breathtaking nature, you can concentrate on focusing your camera - while we take care of your luggage.


We offer a safe and secure transportation of your customer's luggage (customers using the train between Oslo and Bergen).

For travel agencies, we offer pick up from the hotel reception between 6:30 and 9:00 am. For individual travellers, we will give a specific pick-up time usually between 5:00 and 7:45 am from the hotel reception.

The luggage will be delivered at 9:00 pm (at the latest) at the destination hotel, the same afternoon. To and from hotels downtown cities. If you arrive at your destination hotel one or two days later, we or the hotel, will store your luggage for free until you arrive.

We provide service to the hotels at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, for an extra cost of NOK 1000 per delivery/drop, seven days a week. NOK 800 extra per delivery/drop for hotels at Bergen Flesland airport.


NOK 400 per item between hotels. NOK 500 per item for delivery to apartments or AirBnB's

NOK 1000 per delivery/drop at Oslo airport hotels, NOK 800 per delivery/drop at Bergen Flesland hotels.

Terms and conditions

  • Payment at pick up.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, UnionPay, JCB.
  • Invoice for agencies.
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Your group can order our luggage service, allowing you to enjoy the journey on the train, without the worry of carrying and storing your luggage. We offer different services according to your needs, for example: your luggage transported from the airport to the railway station, from the bus/ferry to the train or within a town centre.We also offer a door-to-door service. While you are on the road enjoying the Norwegian scenery, your luggage will be brought safely to your next hotel.We pick up your luggage between 6:30 and 9:00 am at your current hotel and deliver it before 9 pm at your destination hotel, the same day. Pick-up times can vary depending on where the hotel is located.


NOK 170 per item, between hotels. NOK 70 per item, within the town centers of Oslo and Bergen. Please contact us for prices between the city centers and the main airports.

An additional 25% VAT will be added to the stated prices. There is a 10% surcharge on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Terms and conditions

Prices for collection and delivery of luggage in hotels are based on hotels in city centres. For hotels located outside the town centre, an additional fee will be added. The cost of transport is to be paid COD (cash on delivery), unless a credit agreement has been made.

The invoice is sent based on the signed order form and the delivered service voucher. For cancellations, less than 48 hours before departure there is a charge of NOK 700. For “no show” there is a charge of 75% of confirmed booking. There is no invoice fee in our invoices.

Luggage service for groups must be booked at least 5 days before departure and for a minimum of 15 items of luggage. Groups with fewer items, will be required to pay the minimum charge for 15 items of luggage.

Porterservice reserve the right to send luggage with a different train than the original requested train, in case this should be fully booked. To be able to guarantee delivery by the requested train, the reservation must be made 5 days before departure, at the latest.

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We pick up your luggage between 5:00 and 9:00 AM at the hotel - depending on where the hotel is located, and when your train is departing from Oslo - and deliver before 9:00 PM at your destination hotel the same day.

We can pick up and deliver from/to private apartments and AirBnB's after further agreement.

To reserve space for your luggage, we need the date, name of the hotels, number of luggage items and your train departure time. Please send this information in your first request.

If some luggage is damaged while it is in our custody, we do not compensate for broken wheels or handles.

For other damages we need to be informed by owner, or tour leader, within 24 hours after the owner received the luggage.

About us


Vidar Aaen

Vidar Aaen

+47 906 10 009porter@porterservice.no

He is the owner and "booking man".
He will answer your emails and phone calls.

Magnus Holden

Magnus Holden

+47 924 99 996

Magnus is our supervisor in Oslo.

Ronnie Bertelsen

Ronnie Bertelsen

+47 932 28 231

Ronnie is our superviser and pick-up man in Bergen.

Chutiphak Akkhaphin

Chutiphak Akkhaphin

She is our apprentice and secretary



Johnny Johnsen

Johhny is our pickup man in Oslo.
He will collect most of your luggage in Oslo.

Atle Haugeland

Atle Haugeland

Atle is our pick up man in Bergen.
He will collect most of your luggage in Bergen.